Have you ever wondered if you really have a soul? If there really is life after death, whether there are higher worlds inhabited by angels?

I will give you this answer: YES, all these REALLY exist and I can easily prove that by taking you on a journey where you will see it all with your very own eyes! You will be able to touch emerald green grass in the garden of paradise, visit forests, palaces, and cities in these higher worlds, only to ascend even higher to see cobalt-coloured hyperspace dotted with a myriad of stars. There you will see yourself as a being of light, there you can also request to meet your own personal luminous guide.

Since you experience all of this yourself, after a while it turns out that the most interesting question is not: does it exists (since you already know the answer), but: what is the meaning of it? What does this cosmic potential (wich you clearly are able to access) signify? What possibilities does it open for you? What can you do with this potential to make your life even better? How can you take advantage of it in your daily wanderings across the ‘happily ever after’?

Let me invite you to a journey to the Otherworld! Learn about the spectacular possibilities of your quantum intelligence by taking care of your abundance, joy, love, and beautiful life. :)

I am an intuitive energy transformer and on a more earthly level I am a Master of Arts in Semantics. I have studied the spirituality of Saint Hildegard of Bingen and have obtained a certification in the Internationale Gesellschaft Hildegard von Bingen, in Germany.

Barbara Ravensdale

The Gift

You are probably wondering how on earth I can take you into the regions from which a regular human being is usually separated by the chasm of death? Well, in truth, I don’t really understand that completely myself. One day, precisely speaking on June 24, 2013, within a single second it turned out that I am able to take people into the higher realms. I described it in my book (some fragments of it you can find in the Books tab). There you will find a description of the morning when this mystical gift unfolded within me. Since that day I have been working with the multidimensional potential that resides in every human being and I admire its phenomenal possibilities... read more.

I can open a portal between the physical and luminous body in every human. I can facilitate a conscious connection with the intelligence of the light body. In short, I can send an individual on a trip into the otherworld and accompany them while traversing the outlandish regions of the quantum mesh. In a sense, I work as a travel agency which operates excursions into the higher dimensions. I organize trips to heaven. We visit the higher dimensions of our consciousness, which are: paradise, hell, the land of fairies and the Cosmic Rings. In each of these dimensions, we can ask for a meeting with our guides. In each of these dimensions we can draw upon the most precious substance in the Universe, cosmic ambrosia, water of life, the magical fern flower – radiant Viriditas, that is the divine life energy... read less


Multidimensional Potential

Each one of us is a fusion of the physical and light bodies. It is a fabulous rich fusion which has a most powerful potential. Unfortunately, the mainstream of Western European culture has severed our spiritual intelligence from our consciousness. We are perfectly well-aware of the potential of our body and mind. We make sure to take the right nutrition, we jog, we cycle, we attend schools and universities, we plan our lives applying the mind’s rational strategies to succeed. But no-one tells us about the phenomenal intelligence of our light body (which is latent in everyone one of us) and about how we all have mind-blowing possibilities!

Energetic blockages hampering the effectiveness of all our actions are formed at a substantially deeper level than that of our mind and our reason. The key to fulfilment of our dreams of beautiful love, financial security, good health, happiness, and abundance is not hidden in the safe of our brain, but at the bottom of our heart! It is the soul that is our control center and it is in the higher realms, i.e. at the spiritual level, that we may direct our happiness more effectively. Why?... read more

This is because abundance is not a stroke of luck. It is directly proportional to the amount of the divine Light which flows within our luminous-physical fusion.

This divine Light is known under a variety of names in different parts of our globe: Prana, Chi, Mana. I use the notion of ‘Viriditas’. This word comes from the spirituality of Saint Hildegard von Bingen. Viriditas is the radiant life energy which emanates from the Source of Creation and it animates the entire Universe.

The abundance in the life of every one of us depends on the influx of Viriditas. The more Light in me, the higher my vibration. The higher my vibration, the better and smoother my life path is and the sooner my desires are manifested.

A question arises, therefore: how do I illuminate my life with divine Viriditas?

Well, the game rules are simple: it is the soul that has access to the radiant, cosmic Viriditas and it is the soul that regulates the influx of Viriditas to its physical component. For luminous harmony to reign in the multidimensional fusion, a friendly dialogue with the soul is necessary.

The satisfied soul is relaxed and allows enormous doses of Viriditas to enter its DNA strands. A saddened and frustrated soul closes the doors of abundance.

Good contact and friendship with the soul is a foundation of a satisfying life... read less

Energetic Blockages

A soul descends into a physical body and in union they embark on their earthly journey. Planet Earth is a very demanding environment, rife with pain, fear, disillusionment, traumatic and dramatic experiences. This is precisely the reason why the soul leaves its ‘comfort zone’ in the House of Souls and incarnates in the physical world. It is a fully conscious decision. These earthly ordeals are the essence of each incarnation!

Why? Because each trauma is pain, yet at the same time it is a potential for the luminous development of the soul.

The soul knows that its sojourns on Earth will not be easy or pleasant. Each episode of stress and discomfort obscures and darkens its energy. With each passing year of our lives, our energy portfolio, our energetic archive fills up with black, grey, and blurry records. It is a landscape consisting of all difficult moments of our life. This is our energetic matrix... read more

If our matrix is dark and grey in the area of love, it will be difficult for us to have a happy relationship. If it is dark in the area of abundance, we will never be able to come into substantial money. Darkened areas of our matrix directly impact our DNA sequence and our health.

The darkness in our energetic matrix, i.e. the record of our soul’s sorrows, hinders us, impedes us carrying out our intentions, frustrates happy-endings. Certainly, each of us is aware of some recurring pattern, something we are so fed up with, and yet something that keeps returning as a boomerang. This is an energetic blockage, a trauma which is imprinted on our matrix, which blocks the influx of divine Light. Learning about darkness which obscures our matrix might not sound too nice, so it’s time for some fantastic news.

Each darkened spot of our matrix is at the same time a potential for filling it up with radiant life energy. It is a tollway gate towards abundance. It is a chance for our soul’s luminous growth. It is a launchpad for transformation. Yes, the soul descends to Earth for its fair share of battering. This sould be seen as a lesson, which we are to put to good use afterwards... read less

Multidimensional Transformation

“Love is the force which brings harmony to the whole Universe.”

Saint Hildegard von Bingen

Hildegard was absolutely right. Thanks to the hundreds of times I have travelled into the higher realms with my workshop participants, I know one thing: it is the power of love whaich transforms the darkened energy into light. It is love which heals us. It is thanks to love that we are able to grow. It is love which dissolves all our blockages and allows abundance to flow.

Love is a driving force for happiness and health.

Multidimensional travel is a luxurious planetarium, where we use our own quantum senses to view all our energy blockages and it also shows us the spectacle of darkness being transformed into light.

Our spiritual intelligence is equipped with luminous senses, which work in parallel to our physical senses. You must have heard about reports of clinical death survivors. They say that while they were suspended several meters above the ground, they could see their motionless body on a surgical table or by the side of a car which was destroyed in a crash. This is the quantum eyesight that allows us to see the earthly reality even when our eyes are physically closed and disconnected from activity... read more

We are all equipped with luminous eyesight, hearing, smell, and touch.

Upon entering the higher states of consciousness, all blockages are VISIBLE. It may, for example, be a black pit gaping from a bottomless abyss. The decision to climb down is not pleasant, but if we want to remove the blockage, we have no other choice. Or you view a boundless desert. Or hooks rammed in your shoulders which are dragging you into an abysmal chasm. Or a wall of concrete – looming, long, and cold. Or grey fog, a black ocean, a tarry puddle, a stone geode, sharp daggers, or simply darkness.

These are spiritual scars which are left from the wounds which we have sustained in the battles we fought in the hard reality on Earth. Yet, at the same time they are a chance and potential for spiritual growth. This darkness is frequently the ashes and ruins of our childhood. As grown-ups we are stronger, more aware people and we may be able to dress our wounds and be healed from the havoc which we experienced in the past.

When we finally face our energetic blockages, there is only one thing absolutely worth doing. Do not fulminate, do not swear, do not blame your life failures on it; do something completely opposite – open your heart and pour love over the blockage.

What makes the matrix regain health (by shifting from darkness into light) is precisely unconditional love and acceptance.

No matter how difficult it is to look at the cause of our misfortunes with a loving and forgiving eye, this is the only strategy for success.

Spat on and vilified, the matrix will only gleam colder with steely grey and the darkness will become even more dense. When we kiss it and hold it in our embrace, it will gradually brighten and dissipate and it will finally usher in a quantum miracle.

Attracted with the spell of love and tenderness flowing from our heart, the Cosmic Viriditas will manifest before our very own eyes. Its dazzling shine will pierce the quantum vastness and it will irradiate the diseased tissue with a mighty beam of invigorating Light.

And then, workshop participants burst into tears, strong irradiation causes tears of joy. A multidimensional catharsis occurs, a quantum purification, a transformation of a blockage into Light.

Thus, the greatest dream of every soul is fulfilled: the suffering it experienced finally will bear fruit. The dark spots on the matrix will metamorphose into light. The soul’s vibration goes onto a higher level and the soul itself makes another step on the way to the Light... read less


Multidimensions are our soul’s world, they are the non-physical, higher dimensions of our galaxy which can be accessed by everyone thanks to their Light Body’s awareness.

Everyone can enter them fully conscious, without hypnosis and without use of any herbs.The structure of the Multidimensions reminds me of a wedding cake. One layer upon onother and every next layer vibrates on a higher level.

The lowest dimension is called the Underworld. Travelers describe it as a very unpleasant basement. Dreary, derelict, exuding cold. Or a huge and threatening gaping hole. A crater with steep walls, a bottom shrouded in darkness, gripping you with cold fear. Sometimes the Underworld is a crater of a volcano filled with bubbling black lava. Seething with scorching tar, veiled in vapors of acrid haze... read more

It is an extremely valuable and useful dimension, as this infernal darkness and these heavy energies are a record of all most difficult moments of our life. It is a junkyard of our traumas, injuries, it is a store room of our fears and phobias, but it is simultaneously a launchpad for transformation. Every soul craves Light. Darkness holds the potential to bring Light, because only when we are faced with darkness, we are able to show it our love and acceptance. It is our love which transforms the darkness and lights it up. It is the high vibrations we generate, which summon a dazzling beam of Divine Light.

We are witnesses to divine resonance. Love attracts Love.

A traveler who will face all the horrors of the Underworld with an open heart will reap a big reward: a portal to a higher dimension of the garden of paradise will open.

And Paradise is simply Paradise: stunningly beautiful! Phenomenal vegetation covered in blossom unknown in our dimension. Flowers unfold  and are pulsating with color, they grow more beautiful right in front of our eyes. We see rustling cascades of waterfalls, emerald meadows, orchards covered in blossom, and bushes bearing ripened fruit. We experience aromas, the sun’s warmth, the perfect air of a magnificent summer afternoon. While our heart is vibrating high with love, it leads us on into another dimension – the World of Fairy Tales.

The World of Fairy Tales is a lot more complex and diversified dimension than the two lower realms. It contains forests, villages, towns, palaces, cities from One Thousand and One Nights, mountain grottoes, seaside beaches  and even underwater regions which are  abound with sirens and other intelligent beings. Being bored is just not possible here. Every next step brings further delights. The ohs and the ahs never stop during our stay in this realm.

The next dimensions and the last earthly station before we enter the Cosmic Worlds. This is the Blue Sky Belt, which is spreadout above the forests and towns of the Fairy Tale Land and it stretches up to merge with the star-dotted vastness of deep blue.

Perhaps it is not the most exciting of the Multidimensions; you'll see nothing but blue skies and clouds, nonetheless it is extremely important. We are close to the portal twich will ransport travelers into the Cosmic Rings, which are characterized by high vibrations. If the traveler’s heart is not sufficiently open and their internal vibration is not high enough, the gate to the World of Souls will remain closed.

The earthly dimensions differ from the Cosmic ones. in that there is a higher frequency of vibration and in the way in which we perceive ourselves and other beings. In the earthly realms we have a body, hair and colorful clothes, but upon entering the Cosmos, we become Beings of Light. We are surrounded by a cosmic vastness.

And what is ahead of us is a journey to the nine Cosmic Rings and encounters with luminous residents of these rings... read less

Multidimensional Travel

Each travel is embarked on in full consciousness, without support of any chemical or herbal agents. Without separating from the physical body and without hypnosis. What we use instead, is highly focused mindfulness and we work on opening the heart. Ascending to ever higher regions is possible thanks to ever increasing vibrations, the love and tenderness that are born in the heart. It is love that is the fuel of multidimensional travel.

It is worth starting each entry into the Multidimensions with work on a conscious intention. What would I like to change in my life? What treasure am I going to look for? This is because the higher dimensions present a unique opportunity to heal energy by contact with Viriditas – the Divine Light. In Multidimensions, EVERY trauma, every energetic blockage may be located, healed, and reset. A successful transformation depends on the openness of our heart and the dose of love we are capable of generating... read more

Multidimensional travel is more than tortuous labor on transforming the darkness, opening the heart, and generating love. Individual dimensions provide opportunities of fantastic sensations and experiences.

The garden dimension teaches us responsibility for our own existence and talents. In the garden it is plainly visible that flowers only grow and bloom if we nourish that world with energy instead of feeding from it. It is a perfect school for learning how to give.

In the world of Fairy Tales we can dance with elves or mount a unicorn. We feel its silky mane under our fingertips, the multidimensional wind unravels our hair. We are able to feel all this perfectly well, thanks to our luminous senses. It is the dimension which opens within us a space of joy, fun, laughter, friendship, and this enormous multidimensional potential.

In turn, the Cosmic Rings are a festival of encounters with angels, in each next ring we are greeted by our new guides, ever more luminous, and emanating ever increasing love.

The Divine Light works through all the dimensions.

If you are interested in multidimensional travel, I would like to encourage you to read a fragment of my book entitled Multidimensional Therapy in the Books tab. You will find there descriptions of several journeys into Multidimensions... read less

Beings of Light

In Greek Angelos means a messenger.

Angels are indeed our emisseries, our teachers and guardians, they are messengers bearing good news. They appear when we summons them, in each of the higher dimensions, even in the garden or the Fairy Tale forest, yet their full glory is the most splendid against the cobalt background of the Cosmos depths.

They may appear in a group. Then one of them, the main guardian, clearly is the one who conducts communication with us. The other members of the Angelic Team watch over his shoulder, with curiosity and kindness and sometimes I am certain I feel that they are extremely eager to also have close contact with us.

Entering the Cosmos does not mean the end of the journey. A guide in the first ring may simply escort you, for reasons known only to himself, to a portal leading to another ring... read more

He will stay on the other side, loyally waiting at the portal’s gate for your return. On the other side, another Light Being will come to meet you. It is your guardian in the next ring. He looks different, his vibration is higher, his internal Light shines brighter. The love he emanates makes tears roll down your cheeks of their own volition.

Touching your Angel’s hand and looking deep into his eyes brimming with love is one of the greatest experiences in the higher worlds. We feel part of this magnificent spiritual Universe which is filled with love... read less

...and They Lived Happily Ever After

The outlandish power of the Higher Dimensions consists of their vibration – They higher than the earthly ones. If we address some issue in the higher vibration and make some progress, its manifestation in the real earthly life is outright instantaneous.

In each of us the Multidimensions act as an axis. Our actions in the higher tier, immediately translate into the situation on the basic level.

Whatever hindered and blocked us in the past does not matter anymore. It is but a memory, which pressed our matrix print for perceiving ourselves, others, and the world. When we were children, vulnerable creatures, we received from the world a treatment which was prescribed by the ‘heavens’. Thus we experienced many painful lessons, our basement is well stocked with darkness, and so it is time we started to draw conclusions and get down to work. Love and forgive... read more

The most important information concerning the body-and-soul tandem is that every single drop of Viriditas drunk by the soul, will immediately translate into the firmness of the body and success of this entire fusion. Simply speaking: the more Viriditas in the fusion, the more money, success, auspicious opportunities, more good fortune, better sales, better jobs, in short: a magnified cornucopia in the mundane day-to-day reality.

All this is in connection with quantum resonance. More attracts more. Better attracts better. The soul’s well-progressing career entails a better developing career of the entire fusion.

Following the logic of our Light Body’s actions is in our best interest!... read less


Let us imagine such a state, a state of bliss, when every single inch of our body is overcome with perfect relaxation, all-encompassing warmth spreads through every single cell, and we feel luminous and perfectly safe. Literally, every cell of our body reverberates and is massaged from the inside with a sensation of absolute happiness.

This sounds nice, doesn’t it?

This is how every soul feels after having been in contact with the Divine Light, Viriditas, the energy emanating from the Source of Creation. Moments such as this are what our Eternal Spiritual Awareness craves.

Viriditas is a notion from the spirituality of Saint Hildegard von Bingen. Viriditas as ‘fiery’ and ‘cosmic’ energy puts planets and stars in motion, governs the entire Universe, and as ‘a verdant life energy’, it animates and nourishes all living creatures on our planet. read more

Viriditas is life.

Viriditas is of cosmic origin and has an outlandish power. Meeting this radiant energy face to face is the most powerful tool of transformation on Earth. It heals, regenerates, illuminates, and by simply appearing – it opens the gates to an inexhaustible Treasury.

We all have the right to partake in this energy, if only we choose to live with an open heart and respect the cravings of our own soul.

It is no-one else but the soul who manages our access to the noble Viriditas. It is the soul who, in a sense, rations the influx of this life-giving energy to the physical matter.

When it sees that our actions are in harmony with our body, it freely draws upon the radiant Viriditas and charges the body’s cells with it. Then we are full of life, vitality, and joy. We want to live and act. When the soul sees how we betray ourselves, and how we are powerless in face of choices, which it does not approve of, it grows sad and in protest it begins to exude grey fog and our matrix turns dark.

When the influx of Viriditas weakens and the Light goes out within us, we become disoriented, stressed, we turn grey. In no time a darkened place in our spiritual matter will be transformed into an affliction of the body. Without Viriditas, life wanes and expires. There is no room for negotiations with the soul.

And vice versa, who understands the flow of Viriditas and knows how to love their soul, will possess the secret of life, health, and happiness. The soul knows how to be grateful.

Viriditas is the water of life from fairy tales, it is the fern flower, the hidden treasure cave from One Thousand and One Nights, it's the apple tree of the Garden of Eden, and the Golden Goose, all in one. It is everything that heroes of fairy tales seek on their quests towards the end of the world. It is a pass to health and happiness.

In childhood, our heart flutters when the Open Sesame phrase finally opens the rock to reveal infinite riches, or when on the shortest night of the year brave little Jack stumbles upon a fern with a radiantly blooming flower. Brave souls embarking on a quest for life, dreams, fulfilment, and abundance, we wish you luck! We do, because we wish luck upon ourselves together with all the miracles which the Golden Viriditas may bestow upon us... read less


I invite you to participate in Multidimensional Travel during individual sessions and group workshops. Individual sessions take approximately four days. Each day we work two to four hours, gradually opening the heart and raising our vibrations.
Dates are arranged individually.

Within these four days:

  • we will discuss the fusion of the physical body and the Light Body
  • we will shift your attention from the head to the heart (the process is accompanied by a fantastic sense of peace and self-intimacy)
  • we will work on opening the heart and generating love and gratitude
  • We will gradually begin to venture into the higher realms...

read more

We will descend to the Underworld where we will engage in work with the darkness which is decreasing your vibration and obscuring your DNA strands! Next, you will visit the dimension of the Garden where you will work with your inner child.
Then we will visit the Fairy Tale dimensions where you will be vibrating with joy, playing with elves, riding unicorns, and visiting cities and palaces in the higher realms. We will invoke your Animal Guide. You may become one with your guide and for a moment experience the world through the eyes of, for example, a tiger, a bison, an eagle, or a turtle. This is an amazing experience! The animal recharges you with its unique vibration, e.g. of physical strength, assertiveness, or courage.

After doing some work on opening your heart and emanating tenderness and kindness, we will soar into the Cosmic Dimensions, where you will converse with your Luminous Guides. In each of the dimensions, we will open your heart and rejoice upon the arrival of the radiant Viriditas, dazzling Light, which can be seen and felt. The entire body is simultaneously relaxed and vibrating. Viriditas heals the darkened energy and raises the vibrations.

If you are interested in working on a specific intention, feel invited to join more advanced programmes offered by the School of Abundance... read less


Forthcoming workshops:

General remarks:

  1. Multidimensional travel is performed in great concentration, without hypnosis, without use of any mind-altering agents, in full consciousness.
  2. During a multidimensional each traveller visits the higher realms, meets their luminous guides and enters the dazzling beams of noble Viriditas. 
  3. Upon entering the Divine Light, delicate vibrations can be felt throughout the body. It is normal since the Light transforms your energy. It is a sign of change!
  4. After travelling through the higher states of consciousness, the traveller may experience a passing sense of distraction, for this reason driving a car immediately after the sessions is not recommended.
  5. Travelling through the higher states of consciousness supports development of awareness. Travel and work in Multidimensions are not substitutes for medical treatment.